I am a hijabi, how can I make a full outfit?

A full outfit for a hijabi consists of the following. To style, follow these steps

1. Choose the rashguard print you love, everything starts from there.

2. If you chose the long rashguard then you only need leggings (black or navy according to the print you chose). If you chose the regular rashguard then you need leggings and shorts or a skirt (also black or navy).

3. After you've selected the leggings and the shorts/skirt, it's time for some styling fun. Select the turban color you love the most. In the description of each rashguard, we will recommend the perfect turban colors to match. 

4. If you are into cover-ups, check out bright colored cover-ups to compliment our outfit.

5. If you haven't heard of our infamous legging-extentions then please check those out. It's a brilliant idea to transform any leggings you have from home into the perfect matching leggings for your rashgaurd. This is a sock-like item (without the feet) to wear over your leggings. They ad coherence and style to the entire look.

If you need any help styling your rashguard, please email us at help@pepla.international and a Pepla stylist will answer you back!