What is a legging-extension?

Most girls like to have 3 or 4 different rashguard designs to create many looks all summer long. 

It seemed too wasteful and too expensive for a girl to buy multiple pairs of black leggings to match each rashguard design when she only needed one. 

At the same time, plain black leggings don't look as good as printed leggings.

We sat down with our design team to create a brilliant idea - the Legging-Extensions!

You can purchase each extension separately to match your rashguard designs. It is worn like a sock over your leggings and it creates coherence in the entire outfit. 

Almost every girl in the world owns a pair of black leggings at home. If they are already good swim leggings, you don't need to purchase one again. If you need to renew yours, you will find basic swimming-leggings (in black and navy) on the website. 

You can wear our legging-extensions over any pair you have.