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Waves Blue Turban

Waves Blue Turban

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This Waves-Blue Turban goes perfectly with our Waves Rash-Guard, Ocean Rash-Guard, and Shades Rash-Guard. 

Other Rash guards that match this Turban:

  • Bali Rash guard
  • Banana Palm Rash guard
  • Coconut Palm Rash guard
  • Diver Rash guard
  • Day Dreamer Rash guard
  • Flash Rash guard
  • Flourish Rash guard
  • Gradiance Rash guard
  • Marble Rash guard
  • Palm Rash guard
  • Sapphire Rash guard
  • Springs Rash guard
  • Stripe Rash guard
  • Evergreen Rash guard
  • Space Rash guard
  • Serene Rash guard

The elastic band inside the turban ensures a snug fit without compromising comfort. You can enjoy the sun in a regular scarf and just slip on the turban while you're ready to take a dip. This product is adjustable so you can fasten it tighter if you engage in water sports. 

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